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User attraction (new sales) is almost as important as user retention and support (keeping current users happy).  There is often a temptation among developers, though, to make pre-announcements.  We’ve occasionally made statements such as “no promises and no schedule yet, but we’re working on …”.  That’s a very strong temptation these days, while our development team is continuing with some significant enhancements to our products.  The temptation grows from “very strong” to “even stronger” when we hear comments from those who say they wish they could have certain features in law office management software, and when we hear comments from other developers who say they’re “working on” those features.

For now, I’ll at least say that we are indeed working on a number of enhancements to LawStream.  As we’ve done for more than ten years, though, we only sell what we have.  We don’t promise anything we can’t deliver today.  Take heart, gentle users (and curious prospective users): if you don’t hear a lot from us about what “might be coming down the pipes one of these days”, you can be assured that we’re too busy working to make predictions about the future.  When it comes to our software development, no news definitely is good news.


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