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It’s so easy to get into the habit of entering a quick “point 2” as a record of the service you’re doing for a client.  It’s also very easy to lose track of the time it takes to do the work, and then quickly go on to another task after you’ve done that work.  Unfortunately, you may find that you have recorded twelve minutes (or whatever time you entered), without realizing that the work took a very different amount of time.

When you start an activity for a client, make note of the time (on a yellow-sticky, in your mind, or in your timekeeping software).  Open a “notes file” or similar entry for the activity, if you want.  Then, do the work (making more notes, if you wish).  After that, record the time.  By recording your time accurately, you will not only be creating a basis for a fair fee for your client: you will also be creating information that could eventually let you know how productive you are, in the different types of work you do.

LawStream users: You can make note of when you have started to work on a file, by double-clicking the line item for that file in the list of current files.  As you move back and forth between files, you can turn-off the timer for that file.  Once you’re done, you can ente a time record that will reflect the total amount of time you have spent on the file for the day.  Note, too, that you can enter control-click (OS X) or right-click (Windows) on any item in your list of time for the day, to have LawStream select an item that will let you update the time spent on that activity, or add notes for the activity.


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