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Listen, folks.  Some things are positive things to say, but some compliments just aren’t complimentary.  “That dress makes you look thin” is not the right thing to say, if you’re trying to win the affection of a lady.  Similarly, “The gas mileage on my Hummer isn’t that good, but at least I’m helping to create jobs for workers in the oil and gas sector” is not a way to impress the environmental advocate ahead of you in the line at the local recycling depot.

Another thing that isn’t really a wonderful compliment, is to tout Mac OS X by saying it can run Windows applications through Parallels or other emulation software.  I have heard too many people boast about their ability to run Windows applications on their Macs.  Running Windows on Mac OS X is a bit like saying you can load a pick-up truck on top of your BMW or Mercedes: maybe it will give your fancy car some of the functionality of a pick-up truck, but you shouldn’t have to do that.

Here are two comments, taken from a single message recently posted by a respected Mac-using attorney:

In his recent SmallLaw post entitled “Why Macs Don’t Make Sense Once You Look Past the Cool Factor,” Ross Kodner ultimately concludes that Macs are just not cut-out for the legal marketplace. I, and thousands of other Mac-using Attorney couldn’t disagree more.


I do have to buy Windows (if I don’t already have a version I can use) unless I want to use Codeweaver’s Crossover (http://www.codeweavers.com/products/cxmac/) which runs windows programs without Windows (yes, it doesn’t support all windows programs, but it is an option). I also might POSSIBLY want to buy a third-party application like Parallels or Fusion to run Windows (although Apple’s built-in Bootcamp does a wonderful job as well). However, if the benefit to the user outweighs these costs, it is well worth it (quality is remembered long after the price has been forgot).

Maybe you do need something that just isn’t available on Mac OS X, but before you scratch up the new paint on your fancy new car, you should first see if you can find a better way.  And don’t boast to your pickup-truck-owning friends about how your car can carry their trucks.

(and no: I can’t really hook-up my eight-track player to my iPod; I haven’t even tried; in fact, I don’t even have an eight-track player)


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